Books4Schools is an initiative brought to you by Australian Office – The team behind Australia’s much loved scholastic brands Olympic, Reflex, Tudor and Tudor Eco.

It is so important that Aussie students have the right books as they are a crucial part of their development. Many Aussie kids have written their first word, first story and first love letter in our books then have gone on to write their goals and aspirations, great business idea and wedding speeches on our pages in years that followed. Books4Schools is here to celebrate our journey with Australian students and to reinforce our commitment to a brighter future!

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Hi I'm Raelene Curwood and I was the Director of Student Services at Balwyn High School, overseeing all aspects of wellbeing, before retiring from the Victorian Education Department in 2012.

I've had 30 years' experience in student welfare as a year level coordinator and teacher of Home Economics. I'm passionate about the well-being of young people and have a genuine interest in community programs. Although I've retired from Balwyn High School I'm currently employed by The Good Foundation with the Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food Program.

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Download the Scholastic Ruling Guide to find the right products that suit your needs.

To help parents purchase the right books specified by the teachers, all of our school books have a unique reference code printed on the front to include on your school's booklists.

Example, so if you need a 96 page A4 Exercise Book that is 8mm ruled, simply look for E896 on any Reflex, Tudor or Olympic branded Exercise Book.